Download presentaties 16 november 2023

Zaal Tijd Spreker Lezing Download
Lectures hall 1 10:30‑10:55 Frank Loobeek, Business Development Manager, Mifa Aluminium bv
The power of precision Download
Lectures hall 1 11:20‑11:45 Ir. Roger Theunissen, Senior Expert Precision Cleaning Processes / Contamination Control, CeConEx in opdracht van FenS bv Goes
Precision Cleaning Chemicals/Processes for high cleanliness grades Download
Lectures hall 1 11:50‑12:15 Optimizing linear bearing for precision, in vacuum or cleanroom, in advance condition monitoring Download
Lectures hall 1 13:30‑13:55 Rob van Loon, Additive Manufacturing Engineer, KMWE Precision BV
Impact of tolerances on manufacturability and cost when producing via Metal Additive Manufacturing Download
Lectures hall 1 14:30‑14:55 Brice Bühlmann, Gelegeerd bestuurder, Buhlmann NV
Binder Jetting: A technology for serial production Download
Lectures hall 1 15:00‑15:25 Ir. Rein van der Mast, , Onderzoeksleider 3D-Printen in Metalen / Research lead 3D Printing in Metals, Fontys
Industrieel AM in Metalen Download
Lectures hall 1 15:30‑15:55 Florèn van Olden, Market and Technology Development Manager, Festo
Toepassingen van Additive Manufacturing als productietechnologie bij Festo Download
Lectures hall 1 16:00‑16:25 René Bult, Business Development, Formatec Technical Ceramics
Using Additive Manufacturing to reduce Time-To-Market for Powder Injection Moulding components Download
Lectures hall 3 10:00‑10:25 André Kipp, Projectmanager Thermography, InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Thermography for Improved Energy – Higher Efficiency and Security in Renewable Energies Download
Lectures hall 3 10:30‑10:55 Niels Jansen MSc, Manager Engineering, Etteplan Nederland
Flexibility and shorter changeover times in assembly processes Download
Lectures hall 3 11:20‑11:45 Manuel Huihui, Sales & Technical Support Manager, Richard Geiss GmbH on behalf of 2-S B.V.
Modified alcohols in the High Purity Industry (HPO) Download
Lectures hall 3 11:50‑12:15 Malik Önal, Regional Sales Manager, Edmund Optics
Federico Baguena, Application Engineer, photonicSENS
When Revolutionary Tech Meets World-Class Optics Download
Lectures hall 3 13:30‑13:55 Dr. Willem Dijkstra, Data Scientist, VDL ETG
Data Driven Design improvement for reliability Download
Lectures hall 3 14:00‑14:25 Dr. Thomas Carlier, Application Scientist Bruker BNSM, Bruker Nano Surfaces & Metrology
Inspection and Metrology: A short overview of stylus and WLI technique for measuring industry applications Download
Lectures hall 3 14:30‑14:55 Sebastian Töpfl, Master Professional of Technical Management (CCI), Maschinenbau Silberhorn GmbH on behalf of Encoma BV
High Purity Cleaning with the new batch cleaning system Silberhorn MWS Download
Lectures hall 3 15:00‑15:25 Tijs Teepen, co-Founder and Managing Director, STEF med tech
The devil is in the details; tolerances are the key to success Download
Lectures hall 3 15:30‑15:55 Henk Nijland, PECM Application Engineer, Ter Hoek Vonkerosie BV
PECM: new possibilities for extreme precision Download
Arena 10:30‑10:55 Tjerk Christenhusz, Project Manager, Holland Innovative
The Max factor in your projects Download
Arena 13:30‑13:55 Ronald van Es, Programmamanager, Holland High Tech
Paul Hieltjes, InnovatieMakelaar, Hieltjes Innovation
Erwin Dolmans, InnovatieMakelaar, Argaleo
Aad Nales, InnovatieMakelaar, Almende
Businesskansen met de Innovatiemakelaar Download
Arena 14:00‑14:25 Ir. MBA Kees de Schipper, Sectormanager Industrie, Rabobank
Hoe kijkt de Rabobank naar de toekomst van de maakindustrie? Download
Arena 14:30‑14:55 Alireza Mohammadkhani, Ph.D. candidate, Eindhoven University of Technology
Supervisory controller specification, analysis and synthesis with the LSAT tool Download
Arena 16:00‑17:00 Drinks and DSPE ceremony - Wim van der Hoek award Download