The following resources can be used freely for the promotion of Precision Fair 2022.

 Exhibitors can also use their own customised marketing toolkit, accessible through the online exhibitors portal login.


Logo_Precisiebeurs_2022_PNG  PB2022 tekst nederlands2

Dutch banners

banner_300x250  PB2022 300x250 NL

banner_520x180  PB2022 520X180 NL

banner_645x100  PB2022 645x100 NED

banner 800x100  PB2022 800x100 NED

banner_920x100  PB2002 920x100 NL

banner_1200x300  PB2022 1200x300 NED

English banners

banner_300x250  PB2022 300x250 ENG

banner_520x180  PB2022 520x180 ENG

banner_645x100  PB2022 645x100 EN

banner 800x100  PB2022 800x100 ENG

banner_920x100  PB2002 920x100 ENG

banner_1200x300  PB2022 1200x300 ENG

German banners

banner_300x250  PB2022 300x250 DE

banner_520x180  PB2022 520x180 DE

banner_645x100  PB2022 645X100 DE

banner 800x100  PB2022 800x100 DE

banner_920x100  PB2002 920x100 DE

banner_1200x300  PB2022 1200x300 DE