Precision technology will gain even greater significance for the industry in the coming years. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, where the boundaries are far from being reached. It is not without reason that the Precision Fair has been the meeting point for industry in this field for years. To be able to participate in all developments, specialization is necessary in many areas. Collaboration and knowledge sharing between companies and knowledge institutions is essential to mobilize specific knowledge for new solutions. Your knowledge can also contribute to this.

The 2018 edition is fully booked
Are you interested in participating as an exhibitor for the 2019 edition? Please contact the organization or fill in the form below.

Warming to exhibitors

Mikrocentrum regularly receives complaints about letters from trade fair catalogue publishers. Amongst others, these letters are from the following companies:

  • Expo-Guide
  • Fair Guide
  • Event Fair
  • International Fairs Directory

Often they are forms in which they ask approval about company information as an exhibitor at our events.Needless to say that there is NO relationship what so ever between Mikrocentrum and the companies mentioned above.  So stay alert and do not sign anything. Often you will be signing an unwanted contract. If you have any questions please contact Mikrocentrum, Hans Houdijk, +31 40 296 99 22