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Discover these innovations (part 3)


The 20th edition of the Presion Fair is bigger than ever and that makes perfect sense! Precision technology will become even more important for the industry in the coming years. This is due to increasing precision and far-reaching miniaturization. The rapid pace at which developments are taking place require the sharing of knowledge, innovations and networks. Discover the various innovations of our exhibitors during the Precision Fair. In this third and final blog, we would like to highlight a number of innovations for you:


Non-contact topography | Analis | Stand 247
PHD Flexion gripper, inspired by the human hand | Astro Controls | Stand 558
Met Focus Variation Micro & Macro geometry | EMS Benelux BV | Stand 455
System 3R Macro Nano for high precision | Ertec | Stand 259
FARO® Quantum Max FaroArm | FARO Benelux B.V. | Stand 301
SurfaceSens - Modular optical metrology set-up for hybrid surface process control | FRT Metrology | Stand 377
Photo Etching Products | KC Precision Technology | Stand 308
Phantom HP2 is the new all-rounder | Phantom / Van Ommen | Stand 201
Outsource mechanical parts | Sinomatch bv | Stand 107

Non-contact topography | Analis

White-light interferometers are optical 3D surface profilers and the ideal measurement solution for inspecting functional surfaces with utmost precision and reliability. TopMap surface metrology systems measure 3D profiles, evaluating form parameters like step-height, waviness, flatness and parallelism, as well as roughness and microstructures in all environments from research laboratories, close to and in production lines. Currious about how this measuring solution works? Visit Analis at stand 247.

Analis 3263129 2021101815630 201608 009 TopMap ProSurf

PHD Flexion gripper, inspired by the human hand | Astro Controls

PHD has released a new gripper under the name” Flexion. This new technology is inspired by the ultimate gripper: the human hand. The configurable design is suitable for both collaborative and industrial applications. In addition, the design allows for a wide range of application possibilities. The application has the potential to solve challenges where no solution was previously seen. The internal tendon system directs multiple joints to encapsulate or grasp with the fingertips. Flexion offers industrial gripping power for both demanding applications and a soft touch for sensitive product handling. Want to know more about the new gripper: Flexion? Visit Astro Controls at stand 558

Astro Controls 3265080 2021101392213 PHD FLEXION GRIPPER A gripper inspired by the human finger

Met Focus Variation Micro & Macro geometry | EMS Benelux BV

EMS Benelux presents the unique possibilities for 3D measuring and scanning with the Creaform 3D scanning technique and the optical measurement of roughness, Micro- and Macro geometry. You are most welcome at the Precision Fair for all your measurement issues. Visit EMS Benelux B.V. at stand 455.

EMS Benelux BV 3263204 202110119317 fotoprecisiebeurs2021

System 3R Macro Nano for high precision | Ertec

MacroNano is a pallet system that achieves this. A system that offers extreme system accuracy. Using MacroNano, workpieces can be quickly and easily moved from machine to machine throughout the entire process chain – without losing any of the system’s ultra-precision.

This extreme accuracy comes from the system’s components (chuck, pallet and drawbar) having been designed and produced using the latest in these technologies. All chuck references are in cemented carbide and there is a pneumatic sensor function that ensures correct changing. Pallets are hardened and rust-resistant. They also have all references in a single plane – no shearing forces. Ground-in references arranged crosswise permit 90º indexing. Would you like to know more about the MacroNano pallet system? Visit Ertec at stand 259

Ertec 3263291 20211013111524 NRS2

FARO® Quantum Max FaroArm | FARO Benelux B.V.

The Quantum Max from FARO Benelux B.V. is the fastest, most detailed non-contact measuring machine available on the market today. The Quantum Max accelerates your project turnaround time and improves overall productivity. Curious about what else the Quantum Mac has to offer you? Visit FARO Benelux B.V. at stand 301. 

FARO Benelux B.V. 3273801 2021106124239 PictureQuantumMax

SurfaceSens - Modular optical metrology set-up for hybrid surface process control | FRT Metrology

FormFactors FRT Metrology designed SurfaceSens technology to achieve superior information about the measured sample and greater insights about the products quality. All our FRT MicroProf® metrology tools can be configured with complementary sensor technologies. In a hybrid analysis process, otherwise inaccessible surface data of wafers or other samples are precisely measured.

SurfaceSens offers you the possibility to combine unique metrology and inspection measuring principles in one single tool and thus allows maximum flexibility. The set-up, even for top and bottom sample measurement, with different optical sensors, such as point, line and field of view sensors allow versatile results over different suface parameters. Would you like to know more about the different sufarce parameters? Visit FRT Metrology at stand 377.

FRT Metrology 3262901 2021102695727 SA 6016 strukturierterWafer

Photo Etching Products | KC Precision Technology

KC is a professional photo etching manufacturer for over 10 years, with 4 advanced vacuum etching lines and 100 employees, providing high precision etched metal parts for Apple. Would you like to know what else KC Precision Technology does? Visit the company at stand 308.

KC Precision Technology Dongguan Co2.Ltd 3267794 2021101232514 photo etching products

Phantom HP2 is the new all-rounder | Phantom / Van Ommen

Phantom gives chippers a universal tool with the new HP2 Uni carbide milling cutter. Drilling, milling, full slots and 45 degrees plunge, the Phantom HP2 can do it all thanks to unique features, The Dutch tool manufacturer is abandoning the DIN standard with this milling cutter and from now on uses icon to be able to program without a calculation table. Curious about the various unique features of the Phantom HP2? Visit Panthom / Van Ommen at stand 201.

Phantom Van Ommen 3274159 2021101316547 HP2 frees met icoon

Outsource mechanical parts | Sinomatch bv

Sinomatch bv is a specialist in outsourcing mechanical components for machine and equipment builders. The company has been active in China since 2003 and has an extensive number of high-quality suppliers where the orders are places. During the Precision Fair, Sinomatch will show a wide range of products and parts that give an impression of the possibilities and quality that one can expect from outsourcing in China in 2021! Do you want to know more? Visit Sinomatch bv at stand 107

Sinomatch bv 3265927 20211028201416 FD498CFA E3BC 4406 96F2 0E1781C58C7D

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