PSi Mode guider and mode stripper

F-SMA PSi Power Connector Solution upto 200 Watt

Driven by the growth of laser market Diamond has developed two new F-SMA connector types based upon free standing fiber technology capable of withstanding optical powers of up to several hundreds of watts,...
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OWIS® High-Precision Linear Stages – the new LIMES 124N family

The new linear stages LIMES 124N combine proven characteristics with new features. They are characterized by their excellent positioning properties, their suitability for continuous operation and a design height of only 38 mm. The...
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Betech Group Innovatie

MADE IN HOLLAND = competitor of Asia

Due to the exceptionally high level of automated (24/6) production and quality control, the Betech Group is capable of competing with low cost countries in Asia. All products are 100% MADE IN HOLLAND!...
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