Big Science

Big Science refers to fundamental and groundbreaking research that is carried out in an international context. For this research, extensive facilities are required. The construction of these facilities requires large investments and is carried out with the help of high-tech industry in the participating countries. The maintenance and operation of the research facilities also offers opportunities for large companies, but also for and small and medium-sized companies to participate. Assignments are announced via Calls for Tender, and financed from the contribution of the participating countries. In the Big Science Congress program during the Precision Fair, international top speakers from various research institutes will talk about recent developments and forthcoming tenders.

Big Science: many benefits for the Dutch market

The Big Science projects with its large institutions are an enormous boost to the local economy of the host region. In the Netherlands, ESTeC in Noordwijk is an example of this. However, most international Big Science facilities such as ESO and CERN, to which the Netherlands contributes as a member state, are located abroad. The Netherlands can still benefit from Big Science based abroad. In particular Dutch SMEs can use support in getting involved in foreign projects. Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) are the connecting factor between the Big Science projects and the Dutch Industry.

ILO-Net: reduces the distance between Dutch industry and Big Science facilities

The Dutch ILOs have united in the ILO-Net. Through this network, the ILOs, supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO, want to bridge the gap between the Dutch industry and large Big Science facilities. In five years' time, the ILO-Net wants to achieved a 1:1 return of orders for Dutch industry partners for every euro invested in Big Science projects. The Precision Fair with the Big Science conference is the annual moment for direct contact between the Dutch high tech industry and the procurement specialists of the Big Science facilities.