Get started in a one-day intensive workshop for MSc, PhD and Post-docs


Do you believe that your research can be transformed into a business, but you don’t know where to start? Or are you curious about entrepreneurship, but you haven’t thought of a business concept yet? CERN Entrepreneurship Day on Tuesday November 14 allows you to explore the opportunities to start your own business in an intense one-day program. The workshop is a combination of lectures and working sessions covering the essential components of entrepreneurship. Participants are encouraged to take up an assignment in small groups or individually. The assignment will consist of working on a business case, which is based on an opportunity / innovation from own research (product, service, process etc.) or one of the available CERN technologies.

Attending the CERN workshop at the start of the Precision Fair offers you to get:
• Familiar with the transition from science to entrepreneurship in high-tech technology
• Meet business owners that made this transition with 5-15 years of experience
• Development of your initial entrepreneurial idea’s
• Introduced to how CERN BIC can help you further in your entrepreneurial spirit with labs, workspaces, investments, technologies, networks and entrepreneurship knowledge.
• Familiar with the technologies CERN has to offer for knowledge transfer

Program outline

The workshop will be conducted in a highly interactive way where formal and informal interaction is especially pursued. Q&A time is embedded in the whole program to ensure that participants could clear up any doubts by interacting with invited speakers.


Date: Tuesday November 14


12:00 Participant Registration
• Welcome by CERN Head of Knowledge Transfer, Giovanni Anelli
• Guest company Optics 11: the transition from academia to entrepreneurship, Hans Brouwer (Co-founder)
• Commercializing emerging science technologies: objectives and possibilities offered through CERN
• Opportunity recognition. Participants will be divided in 4 or 5 groups to find next steps in
commercializing their idea with the help of CERN-BIC experts and experienced entrepreneurs
• Presentation skills. Participant will be trained in presenting their idea for a wider audience resulting into an Elevator Pitch
• Walking Dinner and Pitch competition
20:00 End of seminar

Participation in this workshop is fully sponsored by the project partners