• 14:00-14:25
  • Brabantzaal

Precision in laser processing of glass

  • Klaus Schiffer
  • 4JET microtech GmbH & Co. KG

Cutting of glass by laser processing has started close to 20 year ago already.
The latest technology by using ultra short laser pulses has been adapted for different applications in mobile phone, optical components, automobile and other markets.
It provides perfect glass edge qualities with automated separation in combination with dust free processing and high throughput.
Applications like cutting of optical components often require very precise dimensions in single digit µm range.
But not only the product dimensions also the process technology is in need of a highly accurate system in order to enable a stable process for cutting of glass in mass production.
This presentation will show the working principle of glass cutting by ultra short pulse laser processing and discuss the general requirements on system architecture in regards to precision and throughput.