• 14:45-15:10
  • Zaal 20
  • Laserbased Precision technology

Adaptive laser micro-milling of highly accurate shapes in tungsten carbide

  • Max Groenendijk
  • Lightmotif BV

The presentation shows a newly developed technology to produce highly accurate 3D shaped surfaces for parts like stamp tools and molds, resulting from a collaboration of the companies Kern Microtechnik and Lightmotif. An adaptive laser micro-milling process was realized that can automatically correct deviations during the laser machining process, based on measurements of the errors performed by an optical sensor. Together with other sensor and calibration devices this technique is now applied in a machining system that can autonomously perform all necessary calibrations needed to achieve a highly accurate laser machining process. Thanks to the use of an ultrashort pulse laser, the machine is especially suited for hard to machine materials like cemented tungsten carbide, hardened steel or other ceramics.