• 11:50-12:15
  • Zaal 19

Gas mass measurement & control, MEMS vs capillary sensors and Total costs of ownership

  • Paul de Waal
  • Vögtlin Instruments GmbH on behalf of Teesing BV

All instrumentation, for temperature, pressure, and flow is based on a sensor that is measuring something which is converted into a measured value. Obviously the characteristics and quality of the sensor has a major influence on the performance of the instrument.

Thermal Mass Flow meters and-Controllers (MFC’s) are instruments to measure and/or control gas flow. Typically in flow ranges of around a few milliliters to 1000 Normal liters per minute, and everything in between and sometimes a bit more. To emphasize: these instruments read mass flow. Or flow in standardized volumetric units. The sensor can be a capillary sensor, or a MEMS sensor. Both sensors have advantages and also limitations. In this presentation these will be commented with an eye for the technical differences and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).