• 11:20-11:45
  • Zaal 19
  • Opto Mechatronica

Self-alignment of Kinematic Couplings: Effects of Deformations

  • Ir. Francesco Patti
  • VDL ETG Technology & Development BV

VDL ETG is continuously looking for new technologies to improve our customers’ products. Recently, part of this research has been published and  the technical insights on kinematic couplings will be presented. Such interface is known for its good repeatability, provided that it is self-aligning, which means that it can spontaneously reach its nested position. Current physical models concerning the self-aligning property treat friction forces as if the body in contact were moving. Our latest research has pointed out that if there is no relative motion, friction forces have a direction that is not related to the possible motion, but to the internal deformations of the involved bodies.