• 14:00-14:25

Chromatic Confocal sensors for non-destructive measurement and inspection in nanometric scales

Non-destructive technologies are required to test and control any kind of materials, shining or diffusing; solid, liquid or flexible.
The Chromatic Confocal technology is based on optical concepts to measure distance and thickness in laboratory or in-process to get 100% control.
A large range of applications is achievable in the nanometer scales such as: 3D nano-topography, roughness without contact according to ISO 25178-602 norm, waviness…
As the optical head is composed of passive components, this probe can be integrated in several environments: Vacuum chamber, protected area, or even close to the sample.
Moreover, the technology can be declined to inspect nano-defaults in process, and open our eyes on the nanometric Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI).