Purchase officers from CERN, ITER, SKA and Astronomical Instruments explain tender opportunities

Purchase officers from CERN, ITER, SKA and Astronomical Instruments explain tender opportunities

Business with Big Science Procurement slots

Dr. Hamed Sadeghian

Nearfield Instruments BV

Development of 3D Nanometrology Equipment and Its Innovation Ecosystem: An Agile System Architecting approach

Remco Jager

Technolution BV

Development of 3D Nanometrology Equipment and Its Innovation Ecosystem: An Agile System Architecting approach

Sietse Wouters

Sentech BV (with expert from POSIC)

Inductive encoders: where small size and high robustness meet

Lars Benesch

Te Lintelo Systems BV

eXtreme-Ultra-High-Vacuum- OWIS® in a new dimension

Prof. Dr. Frank Linde

Nikhef & UvA

Big Science: Gravitational Waves, Einstein Telescope & Etpathfinder

Rende Steerenberg


Why Big Science? Illustrated from the CERN perspective.

Nicol van Hoof

Van Hoof Groep

Kennis waarmee jouw onderneming z’n brood verdient gooi je toch niet op straat?

Ir. Francesco Patti

VDL ETG Technology & Development BV

Self-alignment of Kinematic Couplings: Effects of Deformations

Peter Hinten

The House of Technology / Agile

Mogelijkheden van vloeistofgekoelde batterijen

Leo Broers

ASML Netherlands BV

Model Based Definition: de 2D tekening verdwijnt

Dr. Ir. Paul Blom

VDL ETG Technology & Development BV

Controlling particle contamination in high tech equipment

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Wegener

Siemens Corporate Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Manufacturing @ Siemens

Gregor van Baars

TNO Technical Sciences / TU/e High Tech Systems Center

Eindhoven Engine introductie en voorbeeldproject

Erwin Hendriks

ACL Technopanel BV

Entrance to your innovation

Han Dols


Accelerating Innovation

Eike Sode

Piezosystem Jena

ILC - Iterativ learning closed loop control for piezo stages

Roger Kohnen

Ecoclean GmbH

High Purity requirements in fine cleaning Past, Today, Outlook

Bram Kale


Compete with China, it is possible!

Cees van Duijn

OMNEO Systems BV

Contamination control in de high tech supply chain: de reinheidsprestaties van morgen

Patrick Roth

Swiss Precision Cluster

Trends and Innovations in the Swiss Precision Industry

Dr. Ir. A.J.N. van Breemen

Eindhoven AI Systems Institute / High Tech Systems Center

AI in Engineering

David Billington


Supporting the International Precision Engineer of Today

Rick Gellen

MIFA Aluminium bv

Precisie extrusie van aluminium en magnesium

Dr. Ir. Paul Lambrechts


A Look to the Future with Simulation and Automatic Code Generation

Ing. Loran Mak

Admatec Europe on behalf of Formatec Ceramics BV

Precision technology and Additive manufacturing

Thijs Rupert MSc

DEMCON industrial systems Enschede BV

Van POP naar pilot-machine: ontwikkeling van productietechniek voor brandwondbehandeling

Eric Sülter

TEVEL Techniek BV

Maatwerk oplossingen voor nauwkeurige meetvraagstukken met Kit encoders

Paul de Waal

Vögtlin Instruments GmbH on behalf of Teesing BV

Gas mass measurement & control, MEMS vs capillary sensors and Total costs of ownership

Dr. Ir. Sven Hol


Actuator design for high-precision applications

Mathys te Wierik MSc


Development of engineered-to-spec motion systems

Dr. Theresa Spaan-Burke

IBS Precision Engineering

In-line Interferometer for Surface Topology Inspection of Flexible Electronics

Harm Hanekamp

Stemmer Imaging BV

Deep learning en 3D

Emanuel Groß

PEMTec SNC on behalf of Encoma BV

Precise electrochemical metal machining: technology and advantages of manufacturing tungsten carbides parts

Rene Sanders

Philips Innovation Services

Applying lasers to reduce throughput time and risks in innovation: some selected examples

Peter Grundschok

SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH

Measurements with SIOS interferometers, highly precise, fast and effective

Ing. Mark Luijbregts

PolyWorks Benelux

Hoe kijkt u naar het productieproces van de toekomst?

Walther Goethals

Reith Laser

Precision Laser Drilling

Nicolas Lachaud Bandres


How Precision Technology can unleash the development of Smarter Factories

Angelo Quadroni

Sarix SA

Micro EDM: working efficiently with micro electrodes -applications and limits

Max Groenendijk

Lightmotif BV

Adaptive laser micro-milling of highly accurate shapes in tungsten carbide

Jan Prešeren

RLS Renishaw

How to Choose the Most Suitable Encoder for Your Application

Ing. Rik Knoppers

Somni Solutions

Somni Solutions, een klein bedrijf in Big Science

Dr. Ing. Arend Nijhuis

University of Twente

Superconductivity for Big Science

Eric Hennes MSc Physics

Nikhef (National Institute for Subatomic Physics)

Gravitational wave detector: an oversize strain gauge of sensitivity 10-23 m/m



Intelligent laser control with new vision-enhanced laser tool

Marcel Swinnen

tbp electronics bv

ESI&automatedflexfactory2R4V #GOALS

Gerard Cornet MSc


Industrial Liaison Network (ILO-net), recent developments

Klaus Schiffer

4JET microtech GmbH

Laser cutting and drilling of glass

Hans Cools

Innovar Cleaning Control

De invloed van verspaning en reiniging (grade 2) op de procesketen

Alexander van der Zee

Alexander van der Zee

Cocoon Holland BV

Preservation technique for capital goods, production lines and spare parts

Dr. Hans Krikhaar

Fontys University of Applied Science

Smart Manufacturing, improve your company

Prof. Dr. Marco Beijersbergen

cosine measurement systems

A better marriage between science and industry