2020 edition went online, now we head for 2021!Precision Fair

The Precision Fair is THE annual meeting moment for precision technology professionals. Unfortunately, the 2020 edition had to be cancelled. To provide the opportunity for networking and discovering the latest developments in precision technology, some parts of the program went online on 17-18-19 November. The Precision Fair Online Networkevent achieved that 464 persons from the High Tech Industry made a profile, resulting in 9039 profile views, 1064 presentation views, 269 matched online 1:1 meetings and a multitude of email contacts and future appointments among participants.

Edition 2021

There is a big cry for the physical event and program. For sure organisor Mikrocentrum will offer that for 2021. At this moment all possibilities are reviewed, how this can be achieved with maximum safety and a minimum of cancellation risks. All valued commercial elements, networking and knowledge transfer elements will be included. According to expectations Mikrocentrum will present the plan beginning of 2021. Exhibitors that were registered in 2020 will be invited with priority.

This is the Precision Fair

In 2021, the Precision Fair celebrates its 20th anniversary after all! The many examples and applications that have been exhibited over the years prove that precision technology has laid a stable foundation for the development of many devices and technologies around us. However, current developments are also causing changes in precision technology. At this moment, the question is still how the coronavirus and economic changes will affect this sector. All the more reason to keep each other well informed. The development of precision technology is still going fast and putting pressure on the manufacture of systems and components. New requirements and resulting challenges follow in rapid succession. At the Precision Fair you will efficiently find all the facets together, technically and strategically, that are necessary to continue operating at the highest level and according to the highest quality requirements.

The Precision Fair has been THE annual meeting point for precision technology for 20 years

The theme of the Precision Exhibition anniversary edition is: Precision technology, the next 20 years. The current and rapidly changing circumstances are an important topic in this. After the successful introduction of a yearly changing partner country (Switzerland in 2019), the Precision Fair will also focus on a partner country in 2021: the United Kingdom. You will also discover strategic business opportunities and become acquainted with Young Technology talents during short, powerful pitches. In the Big Science tracks in the conference program you will discover everything about the international science agenda; all projects where public investment and interesting tenders can be expected. Euspen, the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, will also be attending again which can lead to interesting new international contacts. The DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering) will attend and award a number of renowned prizes. The combination of exhibition floor, network facilities and conference program provides you as a visitor and / or as an exhibitor an efficient use of time!

Corona measures

Safety always comes first for us as organizers of the Precision Fair. We do everything we can to prevent the spread of the corona virus. To achieve this, we always follow the current Dutch Government (RIVM) guidelines and we even go one step further. We set ourselves high standards when it comes to the safety of our guests, relations and employees. Every detail has been worked out: from the moment you step in up to the moment you leave our location. In order to act proactively, we keep a close eye on current events and we are in close contact with the local security regions and the municipalities in which we operate.

Read current measures


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