For over 19 years, the Precision Fair has been the annual meeting point for precision technology

Precision technology will gain even greater significance for the industry in the coming years. Greater precision and far-reaching miniaturization are the main drivers for this trend. The technology is developing at a rapid pace and the boundaries are far from being reached. Given the complexity of technology development, collaboration between companies and knowledge institutes is necessary to move development forward. The Precision Fair is the meeting place for professionals in engineering and research at the cutting edge of technology development.

The 19th edition of the Precision Fair pays extra attention to applications in (aero) space and precision technology in health care.


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Meet over 280 specialized companies and knowledge institutes

Over 280 specialized companies active the field of e.g. precision engineering, motion control, surface treatment, micro technology, micro assembly and optics will showcase their innovations on the Precision Fair. Meet product designers, knowledge institutes and suppliers of (raw) materials, precision and measuring machines. As product developer or constructor, you will meet specialists who can help you with the development of new products. There are also opportunities for buyers to meet product developers in precision technology.

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Comprehensive program

The Precision Fair has become the annual meeting point for companies and organizations active in high and ultra-precision technology. Within this field, developments and new applications are on the rise. Knowledge exchange and networking is essential to stay up to date, to quickly go along with current and nearby technological developments and thus strengthen your position in the market. Parallel to the exhibition, the Precision Fair also offers an extensive program that includes:

  • Over 60 lectures
  • Big Science conference program
  • Meet & Match by KvK and Enterprise Europe Network
  • Wim van der Hoek Award ceremony
  • Ir. A. Davidson Award ceremony

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Big Science Precisiebeurs

From Big Science to Big Business

Big Science verwijst naar fundamenteel en grensverleggend onderzoek dat in grote internationale verbanden wordt uitgevoerd. Voor dergelijk onderzoek zijn omvangrijke en onderzoeksfaciliteiten nodig die met hulp van de high tech industrie worden uitgevoerd. In het Big Science Congresprogramma tijdens de Precisiebeurs vertellen internationale topsprekers van diverse onderzoeksinstituten over recente ontwikkelingen en komende aanbestedingen.

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