Pushing boundries with precision technology

From smartphones to telescopes exploring space. And from life-saving medical instruments to advanced chip machines... our technology is constantly evolving, becoming faster, smarter, and increasingly sophisticated. This progress demands complex technological solutions, where precision at the microscopic level is crucial for development and production.

This years theme: International coöperation

The complexity is such that these solutions can only be realized through collaboration. Not only with other technical disciplines but also with many other specialized companies, with education and with science. By sharing knowledge and working together, also internationally, we literally push the boundaries of technology. That is what the 23rd edition of the Precision Fair is all about: pushing boundaries through international collaboration.

✓ Exhibition floor with 350+ exhibitors
✓ Bubbling networking arena with panel discussions, pitches, expert sessions and science projects
✓ Over 50 inspiration sessions in parallel streams
✓ International Precision Conference
✓ Networking drinks
✓ Big Science conference programme
✓ International Meet & Match
✓ DSPE Awards ceremony
✓ Young Talent programme with pitches and demo pitches
✓ Demo area with project: The strenght of coörperation


Precisiebeurs beursvloer

Meet 350 specialist companies and knowledge institutes from the precision technology value chain

As a visitor, you will meet 350 companies, knowledge and educational institutions in the fields of mechatronic engineering & systems, metrology, vacuum & clean, micro processing & motion, laser & photonics and production for high precision on the exhibition floor over two days. You will meet various experts working in mechanical engineering or suppliers of, for example, materials, precision machines and measuring machines. Come into direct contact with specialists who can help you realise new products and processes.

Precision exhibition grows with the ambitions of the high-tech industry

The constantly rising demand for increased and faster production is well known to everyone. The fact that this will persist in the coming years for the precision technology value chain is a reality. The emerging challenges in this regard revolve around the question of how to optimize your current processes in collaboration with your customer. And how do you implement the correct processes when there is a lack of knowledge about automation or process development? Because it is precisely within the value chain that there are still opportunities to enhance efficiency.

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Precisiebeurs stand

Precisiebeurs product

The current challenges posed by high demands on materials and components

Precision technology requires materials and components to be produced and processed with utmost accuracy. This can pose challenges in terms of material selection and the development of production methods that meet the strict requirements of precision technology. As a result, metrology is gradually gaining its place in the engineering process. Does this mean that 100% inspection is within reach?

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Quality control and cleanliness guidelines

More and more companies are setting requirements for the cleanliness of their products because they recognize that particles and molecular contamination can negatively impact the performance of their products. When selecting and optimizing cleaning processes, the entire process chain must be taken into account. However, also consider the challenges that strict quality control with precision technology brings in ensuring that products and components meet the required specifications. Explore here all exhibitors who can assist you in resolving and implementing the appropriate guidelines.

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