The International Precision Conference

Dive into the world of applied precision technology with an exclusive one-day international conference: the International Precision Conference on November 12, 2024. As a warm-up to the renowned Precision Fair the next two days, the International Precision Conference is all about providing technical content and insights with a focus on application.

This first edition is all about (international) collaboration, which is essential for developing and producing complex technical systems. Within the Dutch precision technology ecosystem and supply chain, collaboration is the general way of working. As a result, the Dutch ecosystem works closely together to form the hightech industry with companies like ASML, Thermo Fisher, Philips, Raith, Canon and its supply chain. It is a unique ecosystem and a breeding ground for open innovation; there is a great willingness to cooperate and distinctive technology innovation.

Meet the Dutch way of engineering: co-creation starts with openness, transparancy and trust

Today the supply chain of the Dutch OEM’s form a conglomerate of hightech companies who are engineering and producing all the required components of the complex systems that the Eindhoven region delivers all over the world. 

This conference gives you insight in the operation of the cooperation in the Dutch supply chain and how it works. You will get to know the products and related processes and you will become (more) acquainted with the Dutch development and engineering culture. This conference even may be the start of cooperation for your company with this unique ecosystem.

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The conference program at a glance

Join various presentations of keynote speakers such as:

  • Marc Hendrikse, Chairman Dutch governmental top sector High Tech Systems & Materials
  • Martin van den Brink, emeritus president and CTO of ASML
  • Erik Loopstra, Zeiss SMT GmbH Germany
  • Gary Widdowson, VP and General Product Manager, Advanced Packaging ASMPT, Singapore

More about the program and the speakers

Visit various OEM's and their first tier supply chain

Visits to OEM’s and their first tier supply chain will be organized during this conference week, all located in the Eindhoven region. 

  • 11 November 2024: Visit to ASML & Brainport Industries Campus
  • 14/15 November 2024: Visit to Thermo Fisher Scientific & VDL Group

Ambassadors International Precision Conference

“The long history of competence-building in factory automation and precision technology in the region has been the basis for the start of ASML. In the past 40 years it developed into the unique excellent competences to build High NA EUV Lithography."

Martin van den Brink
Emeritus president and CTO of ASML. 
Honored member of the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering

“The intense cooperation of Eindhoven University of Technology with the high tech industry accelerates technology innovation potential for practice. Students, in their next career will be a source for extension of the talents implementing technology innovation in the high tech industry.”

Maarten Steinbuch
Distinguished Prof TU/e

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A brief history of the Dutch high tech ecosystem and its way of working

Early 1900, the success of the incandescent lamp production offered Philips the opportunity for innovation. Many new products were developed, starting with the radio, and Philips became a concern of many companies. The fact that all these companies were part of Philips, gave technologists the opportunity to cooperate and exchange knowledge. Development engineers all over Philips often came together to inspire each other; as well as mechanization specialists did. The high level of development made Philips a company of world-wide impact. From the 80’s on parts of Philips became independent companies but the sense of cooperation remained. 

A nice example is the accurate hydraulic actuator. It was developped for the production of the read-and-write heads of the videorecorder in the 70’s. It actuated the first waferstage of ASML in the 80’s. Later it actuated shaving heads production and today the production of contact lenses. This exemplifies how innovations born out of collaboration can transcend initial purposes and find utility across diverse fields, driving progress and innovation forward.

Ambassadors International Precision Conference

“The proactive, creative, competent attitude of the Dutch High Tech Eco-system boosts our World Class Technology Innovation."

Marc Hendrikse
Chairman Dutch governmental top sector High Tech Systems and Materials
Former CEO NTS group NL

“Precision Technology is one of the important assets of the Dutch economy. Sharing the experience with you of co-development of high tech systems between OEMs and the supply chain in the Eindhoven region is my reason to organize this conference. We are proud of the results of this co-development and want to show it to the Precision Technology world.”

Hans Krikhaar
Initiator and organizer of the International Precision Conference in collaboration with Mikrocentrum