Present your company at the Precision Fair

The Precision Fair is a combination of an extensive trade fair and a knowledge and networking program in the field of precision technology. With more than 300 exhibitors and a large number of leading partners, the Precision Fair is a unique meeting place for everyone involved in research, development and production in the ultra high precision area.

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Exhibitors of the 2022 edition will be invited to rebook 27 February 2023, for them it is not necessary to fill in the interest form below. Open registration for new candidate exhibitors starts beginning of April



Warning to exhibitors: rogue publishers and abuse

We regularly receive signals from our exhibitors about international “publishers” who use forms sent by them to suggest that they have something to do with a trade fair in which you participate or have participated. This also applies to parties that make use of the current situation surrounding the Corona virus. As an organization, we hear signals that the parties represent themselves as an organization of the Precisionfair and try to mislead you in this way. This takes place both by telephone and e-mail. We advise you to verify the source at all times. If in doubt, please contact Mikrocentrum.

A selection from the “publishers”:

  • Event Fair
  • Expo-Guide
  • Fair Expo
  • Fair Guide
  • Fairs & Business
  • Inside Data View
  • International Fairs Directory
  • Technology Email List
  • An always innovative different combination

We would like to inform you that there is no question of collaboration between Mikrocentrum and the aforementioned organizations. So be alert and don't sign anything because these documents turn out to be an unwanted multi-year contract.

If you have any questions, please contact Mikrocentrum, +31 40 296 99 22.