EcoClean PrecisionFair Stand

Ecoclean leverages Precision Fair for business growth

The Precision Fair has been the premier meeting place for professionals in the precision engineering sector since 2001. Every year, they gather to gain knowledge, network and expand their client base. Since 2009, Ecoclean has been a regular exhibitor at the fair, showcasing the latest equipment and machinery for cleaning high-precision parts. At the 2023 edition, 30 per cent of the leads generated were from new companies.

Volker Lehmann, Head of Precision Markets Sales at Ecoclean, expresses his enthusiasm about their annual participation: "The Precision Fair is always interesting for us as it brings together nearly all companies active in the cleaning of high-quality precision parts. This means we often meet partners, relations, and customers who supply machines, equipment, or parts that require extreme cleanliness or high vacuum conditions. It's with these partners and customers that ewe aim to expand our business network."

The importance of collaboration in cleanliness standards

Continuously increasing cleanliness requirements in the high-tech sector have direct implications for the world of precision technology. For instance, an increasing number of components for EUV machines must meet the highest cleanliness standards.

Volker explains: "The complexity, material variety and range of sizes of precision parts is getting more stringent and divers. The volumes are increasing rapidly. When we first participated in the Precision Fair, it was a small niche industry for us. We could quickly respond to growing demand as we were able to sit down with the right partners directly at the fair. What's unique about the Precision Fair is that in two days, we meet the entire sector, from optics and additive manufacturing to high-precision, all in one place."

Ecoclean PrecisionFair

Ecoclean has signed some new customer contracts during the Precision Fair of 2023

Presenting solutions and machinery for cleaning high-precision parts

At the 22nd Precision Fair, Ecoclean showcased their vapor degreasing machine, the EcoCcompact, named for its compact size. This new version of solvent machines has been developed in order to not only meet but also maintain consistent cleanliness results over years of production.

Ecoclean's next-generation technological innovations increasingly focus on cleaning high-precision and high-vacuum components under the strictest cleanliness standards. Volker notes that Precision Fair visitors are increasingly curious about this trend: “In response, we recently introduced the PPC technology (Pulsated Pressure Cleaning) not only for aqueous cleaning machines but also for our solvent product line.”

EcoClean PrecisionFair Stand

“PPC is a cleaning technology formerly used in aqueous cleaning machines. We are not the only ones with this technology, but we are unique in applying it in our vapor degreasers," says Volker.

PPC is a method where pressure is adjusted during cleaning, going below the boiling point of the fluid, then increasing the pressure. This process creates gas bubbles that implode, leading to efficient cleaning, especially in blind holes and cavities, ensuring optimal cleaning results not just for surfaces but also for complex internal structures.

Signing new customer contracts at the Precision Fair

"Over 30% of the people we spoke to during our participation were new contacts, and about 80% worked in or for the precision technology industry, particularly focusing on high purity,” Volker shares.

"It's noteworthy that at the 2023 edition, we signed official contracts with Roosen Industries and RVS Clean. Having the actual machine we supply to these companies at our booth helped. The Precision Fair played a role again, as we come from the same industry and met on the exhibition floor. This led us to gradually learn more about each other, sharing knowledge and experiences, ultimately resulting in new contracts and business.

Ecoclean has signed official contracts with Roosen Industries and RVS Clean

Ecoclean will continue to participate. In 2024, for the first time the goal is to have a shared booth with 2-S B.V., the new Sales partner of Ecoclean for the Dutch & Belgian market. 2-S is well known as a partner for consumables like cutting/cooling fluids and solvents and has served the Dutch production market for over 10 years.

Tips for (new) exhibitors

Having participated as an exhibitor since 2009, Ecoclean shares some tips for successful fair participation: "Perseverance and determination are key to overcoming challenges and problems, keeping up with industry developments, and understanding customer needs. It's important to build relationships and be patient. If you haven't yet built a network, don't expect too much too soon, but be patient, present yourself with an open attitude and an exceptional booth. That's also the beauty of the Precision Fair: you're close to the action, making direct contact with the right people."

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for participation as a exhibitor? Get in touch with us! Want to register for free for the next Precision Fair? Register here.