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Join Physik Instrumente (PI) as one enters the world of precision technology and get informed about the latest motion control and piezo technologies. Exhibitor at the Precision Fair Physik Instrumente (stand#471), is pleased to invite you to participate in some very interesting technical sessions as they share the latest knowledge regarding Piezo Technology and ACS Motion control. Check out the program and secure your spot for the Meet the Experts parallel sessions.

Meet ACS Motion Control Experts

Curious about finding solutions to high-performance motion control challenges?Experts Jan Suske and Ankit Khanore will show you the latest products of DS402 EtherCAT drives with soon-to-be-released features. They will also show you products from our SPiiPlus platform flagship EtherCAT-based motion control ecosystem for OEM machines. Below a quick run through of other topics they will discuss:

  • Advanced multi-axis motion profile generation algorithms
  • Advanced servo control algorithms including LearningBoost and non-linear control
  • ACS product line for laser processing applications
  • Advanced laser and inspection/metrology position-based triggering capabilities

Be inspired by piezo technology expert Mathias Winter

Watch, learn and discuss the endless possibilities of piezo technology. IP have limited seats available so make sure you sign up for this session in time. Expert Mathias Winter - Global Director Technology Center - Piezo Drives & Systems at PI, is very much looking forward to diving deep into the fields of life sciences and microscopy, semiconductor and photonics with you. 

A brief overview of the topics discussed during the session:

  • Fundamentals of piezo technology
  • Piezo components, actuators and piezo motors
  • PICMA® technology

PIRest: Active Piezo Shims Without Continuous Power

With high speed PI dives into the exciting subject of piezo actuator technology: a technology which provides long-term stable positioning without permanent power supply and consumption. Expert Jonas Reiser, one of the inventors of the PIRest technology, will tell you more about the mechanics behind PIRest among other things.Below a quick run through of the topics he will discuss:

  • Technology behind PIRest
  • The advantages of PIRest at one glance
  • PIRest product portfolio
  • Applications that can benefit from PIRest technology


The Meet the Expert sessions will take place at Convention Center 1913 in Room Lakenvelder 34 adjacent to the Precision Fair. PI will provide a walking route from the stand to the location (5-7 minute walk from the stand).

Day 1 | 16 November 2022
10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Meet the Expert: Find solutions to your High-Performance Motion Control Challenges with ACS!
Speaker: Ankit Khanore

13:30 - 14:30 a.m.
Meet the Expert: Ins and outs of piezo technology and applications
Speaker: Mathias Winter

Day 2 | 17 November 2022
10:30 - 12:00 a.m.
Meet the Expert: Active Piezo Shims Without Continuous Power
Speaker: Jonas Reiser

13:30 - 14:30 a.m.
Meet the Experts: Find solutions to your High-Performance Motion Control Challenges with ACS!
Speaker: Jan Suske & Ankit Khanore

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