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Discover these innovations during the Precision Fair (part 2)

A world without precision technology is almost unimaginable. Precision technology will become even more important for industry in the coming years. This is due to increasing precision and far-reaching miniaturization. Discover all trends during the Precision Fair. We would like to highlight a number of innovations for you:

DIXI COOL PLUS concept Polytool | DXI Polytool | Stand 252
Planarity detection of wafers | Attocube Systems AG | Stand 376
Dynamic motion control of wager stages | Attocube Systems AG | Stand 376
Beam aperture and filter positioning | Attocube Systems AG | Stand 376
Laser beam adjustment in metrology and inspection tools | Stand 376
Ultra precise position tracking in photolithography | Attocube Systems AG | Stand 376
Grade 2 coolant and cleaning installations | Oude Reimer | Stand 446
Edwards’ APG200 Vacuum Pirani Gauge | Edwards Vacuum | Stand 375
Edwards’ nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pumps| Edwards Vacuum | Stand 375
Edwards’ nXRI multi-stage roots vacuum pumps | Edwards Vacuum | Stand 375
The right mix of man and machine in assembly processes | Tegema B.V. an Etteplan company | Stand 433
Grinding automation | RVS Finish & RVS Clean | Stand 385

DIXI COOL PLUS concept Polytool | DIXI Polytool

DIXI Polytool presents its innovative DIXI COOL PLUS concept for micro and high-performance milling. Partly due to the unique cooling ring, our precision is optimally cooled. With our COOL PLUS concept we accelerate the coolant with high precision and cool the cutting edges. This reduces the cutting forces on the tool by up to 50% which gives a significant difference in tool life. The COOL PLUS concept consists of an extensive range of standard cutters. We can also offer special offers based on the COOL PLUS concept.

DIXI Polytool 3262514 2021929162115 IMG 1257 7 logo

Planarity detection of wafers | Attocube Systems AG 

During lithography and metrology processes the wafer is exposed to extreme environments, fast motions and multi-dimensional forces. These could cause elastic or plastic deformations. E.g. the movement of wafer stages working with magnetic levitation deforms the flat surface of the plate. To reduce these deformations a nanoprecise and contactless detection is required. Attocube´s laser interferometer IDS3010 is capable of measuring directly on the wafer to capture such deformations in nanometer range. The miniaturized sensor heads allow for various measurement points on one wafer to detect multi-dimensional deformations and also work under extreme environments such as vacuum or clean room conditions.

attocube systems AG 3262950 202192916840 Planarity Detection of Wafers

Dynamic motion control of wager stages | Attocube Systems AG

Wafer stages need to perform ever larger and faster movements to increase throughput of the production process. Furthermore, single digit nanometer precision is required to ensure dense circuit patterns. These requirements can only be achieved by utilizing ultra-precise sensors to control the wafer stage’s movements. Attocube´s laser interferometer IDS3010 enables metrology tools to achieve the required precision at nanometer range over long distances up to 5 meters with a target velocity of up to 2 m/s. The miniaturized sensor heads can be integrated directly into the wafer stage. This reduces the moving mass significantly compared to stage attached mirrors.

attocube systems AG 3262950 20219291685 Dynamic Motion Control of Wafer Stages

Beam aperture and filter positioning | Attocube Systems AG

In lithography and metrology processes, the precise alignment and filtering of the beam is directly related to the wafer´s quality. The laser beam produces photons that are collected via a gathering mirror and directed via different apertures to hit, e.g. the reflection mask. Attocube nanopositioners are designed to operate with low particle generation at high temperatures and vacuum with nanometer precision. This makes them the perfect choice for reliable aperture control under extreme conditions.

attocube systems AG 3262950 202192916718 Beam Aperture and Filter Positioning

Laser beam adjustment in metrology and inspection tools | Attocube Systems AG

During the inspection process in wafer production the light or laser beam path has to be precisely and continuously adjusted to perform control over the wafer surface in order to detect even smallest imperfections and to provide detailed information on the wafer´s quality. Attocube’s nanopositioners are designed for the use in ultra-precise motion applications in extreme conditions and offer superior accuracy, repeatability and resolution. This makes them the perfect components for continuous and stable beam control within the metrology process.

attocube systems AG 3262950 202192916526 Laser Beam Adjustment in Metrology and Inspection Tools

Ultra precise position tracking in photolithography | Attocube Systems AG

During the photolithography process circuit patters of few nanometers in size are transferred from the photomask onto the semiconductor wafer. The ultraprecise position tracking and alignment of measurement frame, optics and wafer stage is key condition to ensure highest quality throughout the process. Attocube´s laser interferometer IDS3010 with vacuum and high temperature compatible sensor heads can be easily integrated into lithography machines, ensuring the best alignment among the key components with nanometer accuracy, delivering high speed data with up to 10 MHz bandwidth.

attocube systems AG 3262950 202192916416 Ultra Precise Position Tracking in Photolithography2

Grade 2 coolant and cleaning installations | Oude Reimer

After an intensive process towards the best product solutions, Oude Reimer is the first supplier to the Netherland –and the world- to report that both the coolant and the cleaning installation are certified according to ASML Grade 2 specifications.

By means of Rest Gas Analyzes (RGAs) Omneo Systems was able to demonstrate that the Karl-Roll cleaning installation is able to meet the requirements of ASML respectively.

Oude Reimer 3263293 2021929141225 Grade 2 certificeringen koelvloeistof en reinigingsinstallaties

Edwards’ APG200 Vacuum Pirani Gauge  | Edwards Vacuum

Edwards Vacuum, one of the market leaders in vacuum instrumentation, has launched its new APG200 high performance Pirani Gauge, bringing real performance improvements and cost benefits. It is the perfect gauging solution across a spectrum of applications due to its compact size, easy maintenance, integrated set points and reduced costs. The APG200 is suitable for all vacuum markets, from Analytical instruments who can take advantage of the reduced size and flexible outputs, to Semiconductor for whom the new interfaces enable better maintenance of systems, to Research and Development for whom the local pressure indication helps to monitor experiments.

Edwards Vacuum 3264958 202192814445 APG200 Main image to use

Edwards’ nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pumps  | Edwards Vacuum

Edwards has expanded its range of nEXT turbomolecular pumps with its most compact model along with its most powerful model to date. The tried and trusted nEXT turbomolecular pump range, with now over 100,000 nEXT units produced, has seen the addition of two new models extending the range’s pumping capability from 55 up to 1250 l/s. The new nEXT55 is designed for scientific OEM customers and system builders, whereas the new nEXT1230 increases the customers’ choice of nEXT solutions where high pumping speeds are needed Edwards vast experience and proven technologies guarantee high reliability, extended operation and long maintenance intervals.

Edwards Vacuum 3264958 2021928135957 nEXT Family Photo

Edwards’ nXRI multi-stage roots vacuum pumps | Edwards Vacuum

Edwards Vacuum has revolutionised the pump market with its high performance compact dry vacuum pump, offering the highest pumping density of its kind. The nXRi range is the perfect vacuum solution for your R&D and lab environment due to its compact size and low power, reliable performance and reduced costs. The range, comprising 5 models with pumping speeds from 30 up to 120 m3h-1, comes with lower input power and zero maintenance, bringing real performance improvements and cost benefits across a range of applications. nXRi’s compact footprint, low weight and height allow it to fit easily under a benchtop.

The right mix of man and machine in assembly processes | Tegema B.V. an Etteplan company | Stand 433

Tegema demonstrates an assembly process of a photonic dummy component. The setup shows how the human can be supported by automatization. Through the use of a cobot the operator is unburdened of repetitive actions that require a high level of accuracy. Partly automating processes, as is showed here, is typically useful in the high-mix low-volume production, as full automation is financially unrewarding due to small batches and production amounts, but automation does aid in throughput optimization and the reduction of errors. The setup offers the operator further support through the use of tooling and technique in the line. For example by the use of the P2L-unit, the electrical screwdriver and the assembly mold.

Tegema B.V. an Etteplan company 3262546 2021923132137 MACHINE GEHEEL 5

Grinding automation  | RVS Finish & RVS

We were the first to fully automate the manual, traditional grinding process with a robot. Artisan grinders are retrained to become programmers. Customer is guaranteed consistent quality and quantity.

RVS Finish RVS Clean 3264899 20219239348 20210803 140906

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