The Precision Fair has become the annual meeting point for companies and organizations active in high and ultra-precision technology. Within this field, developments and new applications are on the rise. Knowledge exchange and networking is essential to stay up to date, to quickly go along with current and nearby technological developments and thus strengthen your position in the market. Parallel to the exhibition, the Precision Fair also offers an extensive program that includes:

  • Over 60 lectures
  • Big Science conference program
  • Meet & Match by Enterprise Europe Network and the Dutch Chambre of Commerce
  • Wim van der Hoek Award ceremony
  • Ir. A. Davidson Award ceremony

From Big Science to Big Business

Big Science refers to fundamental and groundbreaking research that is carried out in an international context. For this research, extensive facilities are required. The construction of these facilities requires large investments and is carried out with the help of high-tech industry in the participating countries. The maintenance and operation of the research facilities also offers opportunities for large companies, but also for and small and medium-sized companies to participate. Assignments are announced via Calls for Tender, and financed from the contribution of the participating countries.

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International Meet & Match

In cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network and the Dutch Cambre of Commercel, Mikrocentrum organizes an international b2b matchmaking during the Precision Fair.

The goal of the Meet & Match:

  • To establish and strengthen prosperous European contacts.
  • To help finding relevant business partners.
  • To help discover innovative solutions for various problems.
  • To observe and identify partners for (European) research projects.
  • To help you find interesting and potential collaboration opportunities.
  • To strengthen and support international dialogue.

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Wim van der Hoek Award ceremony

The Wim van der Hoek Award promotes and stimulates precision mechanics and designing mechanical constructions. This award will be presented to the graduation student with the best research. This award is named after the emeritus professor Wim van der Hoek. Wim developed a unique Dutch method for the design of precision machines at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The award ceremony is organized by DSPE and will be held on the Expo floor during the Precision Fair on Thursday November 15.

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Ir. A. Davidson Award ceremony

The Ir. A. Davidson Award encourages young precision mechanics with several years of experience and will be presented to the person who has delivered an outstanding performance that has been recognized both internally and externally. This biennial award, which was established in 2005, is named after the authority in the field of precision mechanics at Philips within the 1950s and 1960s. The award is presented with a certificate, a sum of money and a trophy. This trophy, made by the Leidse Instrumentmakers School (LiS), represents the manual in precision mechanics. With this manual, Davidson set the foundation for Philips 'constructors' community. DSPE will present the award on the expo during the Precision Fair on Wednesday November 14th.

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