The Precision Fair has grown into the annual meeting point for companies and organizations active in high and ultra-precision technology. Knowledge exchange and networking is essential to keep up to date and to keep up with current and nearby technological developments. Parallel to the expo, the Precision Fair therefore also offers an extensive program for networking and knowledge transfer. Below one can find an explanation of the various program components that make a visit to the trade fair more than worthwhile!

  • Over 60 lectures
  • Big Science conference program
  • International Meet & Match by Enterprise Europe Network (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)
  • Young Talent program with pitches and poster presentations
  • Partnerland yearly changing, business delegation and lectures
  • Presence of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (EUSPEN)
  • Networking booth and Awards ceremony by Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE)
  • Networking drinks and exhibitor dinner

Program components might have to be adapted due to corona measures. Keep an eye on this website for updates.


Precision Fair focuses on partner country Belgium

As of 2019, each edition of the Precision Fair focuses on a partner country. Switzerland was the first for the 2019 edition. The United Kingdom was a partner country for 2020. In 2021 it will be Belgium. What is the status of the precision technology sector there and how do we strengthen our relationship?

A delegation of diplomats, commercial attachés and companies, led by the trade officers of the embassy, ​​visits the fair, the congress and the networking events. There is a guided tour of the exhibition floor. This initially involves exhibitors who already have a connection with Belgium, for example because they represent a manufacturer or are canceling a project with a company. Depending on any adjustments as a result of the RIVM corona measures, the delegation is also present at the networking drinks and the exhibitor dinner, where they sit at the table with members of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform. They also participate in the Meet & Match. The partnership is also reflected in the conference program. Speakers from the delegation here share the status of the precision technology sector in their country.

From Big Science to Big Business

Big Science refers to fundamental and groundbreaking research that is carried out in an international context. For this research, extensive facilities are required. The construction of these facilities requires large investments and is carried out with the help of high-tech industry in the participating countries. The maintenance and operation of the research facilities also offers opportunities for large companies, but also for and small and medium-sized companies to participate. Assignments are announced via Calls for Tender, and financed from the contribution of the participating countries.

Big Science Cern

Participate in the Meet & Match

Enterprise Europe Network (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) organizes in collaboration with Mikrocentrum an international B2B matchmaking during the Precision Fair. The goal of the meet & match event is to find relevant contacts throughout the chain by facilitating personal 1: 1 conversations. Months before you can register online and create your profile in the matchmaking software. This way you can find and be found in advance, and efficiently prepare conversations for the fair. At this moment we are exploring the possibilities of doing these encounters (partly) digitally for those that cannot travel to the venue site.. So don't hesitate to subscribe digitally for this part already.

The purpose of the Meet & Match

  • establishing and strengthening successful European contacts;
  • finding relevant business partners;
  • discovering innovative solutions to various problems;
  • observing and identifying partners for (European) research projects;  
  • finding interesting and potential collaboration opportunities;
  • strengthening and supporting international dialogue.

For 2021 the Meet&Match will be opened as of August

Young talent 1200x629

Young Technology dynamic pitch program with poster presentations

Mikrocentrum offers a stage to young talent and their young technology projects during the Precision Fair. Graduates, PhD students and start-ups pitch their best projects in 3-minute pitches and poster presentations. Companies and visitors can quickly and efficiently inform themselves about this up-and-coming talent and their pioneering technological projects. You will find the poster presentations on the exhibition floor during the exhibition days. You will find an overview of the 3-minute pitches in the lecture program. The best pitch wins a prize of 250 euros.

Candidates can register at the organization.


Persbericht DSPE Wim van der Hoek Award 2020 lr2

Wim van der Hoek Award ceremony

Logo Wim van der Hoek Prijs klein
The art of mechanical design is highly regarded in the Dutch high-tech industry. One of the founders of this discipline, Wim van der Hoek, worked for Philips' industrial mechanization and was professor by special appointment at Eindhoven University of Technology. On the second day of the Precision Fair in 's-Hertogenbosch, DSPE will present the Wim van der Hoek Award. This prize, also known as Constructors' Prize, was established in 2006 on the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Nestor in the Construction Principles Wim van der Hoek. The prize is intended to draw extra attention to and stimulate the profession of designing mechanical constructions. In addition to a beautiful trophy made by the Leiden Instrument Makers School and a sponsored amount of money by HTSC, there is a certificate attached to this award.

Quality of the design, substantiation and innovativeness are some of the criteria when assessing the graduation reports. In addition, there is the possibility to submit the example for the book Construction Principles. Candidates must be nominated by the graduation supervisor or professor.

Lennino Cacace Ir2. A. Davidson Award 2018

Ir. A. Davidson Award ceremony

Call for Ir A4. Davidson Award candidates 2
This year, during the Precision Fair, the Ir. A. Davidson Award presented by DSPE. This prize is named after the authority in the field of precision mechanics at Philips in the fifties and sixties. DSPE aims to stimulate young talent and is intended for a young Precision
Technologist who:

-   5 to 10 years working in the field
-   Delivers demonstrable performance
-   Actively or passively disseminate his enthusiasm for the field

As a rule, the group of people who qualify for this are not yet known in the networks. Young talent can qualify because someone grants them the candidacy.