The Precision Fair has become the trade fair for companies and organisations active in precision technology. Knowledge exchange and networking is essential to stay abreast and keep up with current and near-term technological developments. Parallel to the expo, the Precision Fair therefore also offers an extensive knowledge and networking programme. Below is a selection of the programme components that make a visit to the trade fair more than worthwhile!

This was the programme of the Precision Fair 2023

✓ Exhibition floor with more than 350 exhibitors
✓ Networking opportunities
✓ Additive Manufacturing for Precision theme square
✓ Metrology demo round, have your own product measured at the participating exhibitors!
✓ Over 50 lectures in parallel streams
✓ Big Science congress programme
✓ International Meet & Match
✓ Stand and presentation of DSPE Awards: Ir. A. Davidson award & Wim van der Hoek award
Young Talent programme with pitches and demo square
✓ Lively networking arena with panel discussions, pitches, expert sessions
✓ Arena with universities, colleges, startups, knowledge institutions & industry associations

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Meet 350 specialist companies and knowledge institutes at the expo

As a visitor to the Precision Fair, you will meet 350 specialist companies in the field of precision mechanics, motion control, surface treatment, microtechnology, microassembly, optics etc. at the expo. You will also meet product designers, machine builders, knowledge and training institutes and suppliers of materials, precision machines and measuring equipment. You will come into direct contact with specialists who can help you realise new products and processes. For buyers, there are opportunities to get to know all these top technology players in precision technology in a targeted and efficient way. At industry associations, colleges and universities, you will meet up-and-coming top talents and alumni. You will increase your knowledge and network by participating in the Meet & Match and lectures.

Precisiebeurs expo

From Big Science to Big Business

Big Science refers to fundamental and groundbreaking research that is carried out in an international context. For this research, extensive facilities are required. The construction of these facilities requires large investments and is carried out with the help of high-tech industry in the participating countries. The maintenance and operation of the research facilities also offers opportunities for large companies, but also for and small and medium-sized companies to participate. Assignments are announced via Calls for Tender, and financed from the contribution of the participating countries.


Additive Manufacturing area

3D printing from the 1990s has rapidly evolved into a full-fledged production technology for finished products. In particular, additive manufacturing technologies in metals and high-tech materials such as technical ceramics are finding concrete applications in today's precision technology. An additional theme square has been set up at the Precision Fair where suppliers of AM technology will present their applications. In the lecture programme, an entire track is dedicated to these additive technologies deployed for the manufacture of end products.