• 13:30-13:55
  • Zaal 19
  • Precision production methods for the 2020-s

Precise electrochemical metal machining: technology and advantages of manufacturing tungsten carbides parts

  • Emanuel Groß
  • PEMTec SNC on behalf of Encoma BV

PEMTec’s PECM machines allow customers until 2019 to produce metal parts with complex geometries in a much faster and cheaper way then with conventional methods. Stainless steel, superalloys and PM steels are machined by multiple electrodes in shorter process times, regardless of their hardness and toughness. Completely contactless and without thermal or mechanical influences, workpieces can be produced totally burr-free and without micro cracks. Roughing, finishing and polishing in on set up are possible. High production opportunities without tool wear we achieve accuracy and surface qualities of Ra <= 0.03 µm. Economical production of high end parts are realized today in.

However the newest PEMTec development is a great solution for tungsten carbides industry. This year we introduced a new P-ECM machine concept that can offer unique possibilities and economic efficiency in the production of precision tungsten carbides parts (up to 15%). PEMTec realised complex structures with only one machining pass in much less time than conventional methods.

P-ECM innovations, only with PEMTec.