• 10:30-10:55
  • Zaal 19
  • Opto Mechatronica

Inductive encoders: where small size and high robustness meet

  • Sietse Wouters
  • Sentech BV (with expert from POSIC)

Inductive encoders use a differential transformer to measure the position of a metallic object. They are well-known in the industry in the form of resolvers, LVDTs and different types of inductive sensors.

The inductive encoder consists of a transformer, the coils of which can be wire-wound coils, planar coils made in a multilayer printed circuit board or planar coils made in a silicon chip. POSIC selected the last method in order to propose an extremely small encoder combined with the well-know robustness of the inductive sensing principle: wide temperature range, immunity against magnetic fields and insensitivity to oil, grease, particles and dust.

The result is a very small encoder with a very high robustness, ideally suited for integration in space-constrained applications, such as electric motors, direct drives, robots, automation equipment, medical equipment and precision-instruments.