• 14:00-14:55
  • Lectures hall 3
  • Keynote

Opto-Mechanical applications in the machines of ASML

  • Cor Ottens
  • ASML

Why is Opto-mechanics important for ASML.
More and smaller structures are needed in the chips to increase the calculation power and memory. The current possible  linewidth is in the nanometer range.
In the Lithography machines of ASML a pattern on a reticle or mask is exposed on a wafer. The number of layers on a wafer is going up to 300. The optical alignment of the layers or patterns with respect to each other is very important to create vertical contacts. For example, at linewidths of 20nm the alignment error must be around 2 nm. The accuracy of the measurement and positioning system must be within this 2 nm.
Stability of the mechanics determines the major part of the accuracy especially thermal drift is the biggest contributor.
To reach the tight stability specifications the correct mechanical constructions must be applied that keeps the optical elements in position even under extreme influences of temperature, vibrations, forces and stress.
This presentation gives insight in the optomechanical design principles that are used in the machines of ASML to make the high accuracies possible.