• 15:30-16:25
  • Room 1 - Bosch

Young Talent Pitches program

  • Come meet top talent students and their projects in 3-minutes pitches.

Voice coil actuated stage for cryogenic environments
Tom Berkers/ Opleiding Tue
In cryogenic and vacuum environments, accurate positioning instruments are required for experiments regarding for example the universe. A positioning module consisting of a Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) and a straight guide mechanism with gravity compensation and stiffness compensation is designed. Design goals are minimalizing dissipation and required volume, due to limitations in cryo.

Scalable ultrafast liquid encapsulation
Sushanta Mitra/ Opleiding Waterloo Collegiate Institute
We developed an innovative technology that enables scalable, ultrafast liquid-based encapsulation exploiting the favorable interfacial interaction between three liquids. We created a Dutch start-up (SLE Enterprises B. V.) that builds next-generation encapsulation machines and provides R&D services based on this proprietary high-throughput liquid encapsulation technology.

Formula Student Team Delft
Prashant/ Opleiding TU Delft
FSTD is een project waarbij 100 studenten in slechts 1 jaar een elektrische formule-raceauto bouwen, van het ontwerpen tot het daadwerkelijk racen in competities tegen andere studententeams over de hele wereld. Meer dan 600 universiteiten strijden over de hele wereld mee aan deze grote evenementen.

Het Exoskelet van Project MARCH
Lauranne Plessers; MARCH VII/ Opleiding: Lucht- en Ruimtevaarttechniek
De visie van Project MARCH is dat technologie de levenskwaliteit van mensen met een dwarslaesie kan verbeteren. Project MARCH wil bijdragen aan de toename van bewegingsmogelijkheden door middel van innoveren en co-creëren met anderen en het inspireren van anderen.

Design of a Bio-Inspired Needle for Prostate Cancer Treatment
Jette Bloemberg/ Opleiding TU Delft
This work presents a medical instrument consisting of a bio-inspired needle and a 3D-printed body that can be used for focal prostate cancer treatment. The needle can be inserted into soft tissue with a zero external push force, inspired by the propagating motion of the ovipositor of the parasitic wasp.

Aircision, powering the high speed connected world  
Nourdin Kaai/Msc mechanical engineering TUE
Over 45% of the households worldwide do not have acces to the internet.  To solve this issue Aircision is developing a Free Space Optics system to deliver a highbandwidth data link over long distances, for which we rely on an active alignment system that is based on space technology.