• 14:30-15:25
  • Arena

New opportunities to innovate with a unique and versatile technology: Photonics

  • Marc van Dijk
  • Demcon
  • Matthijs de Wit
  • Te Lintelo Systems
  • Bart Snijders
  • TNO
  • Sami Musa
  • Chilas
  • Petra Wicherink
  • PhotonicsNL

Photonics? What is that and what should I do with it? Photonics is the generation, detection, and manipulation of light. Using this unknown technology can mean a lot for (new) developments or applications within your company. In this workshop, we will show you what and how you can use photonics. We take you from different angles to discover why photonics is important to you and how you can use it.
This workshop is offered by PhotonicsNL, with the deployment of experts in the applications of this technology.

Moderator: Petra Wicherink, PhotonicsNL