• 15:00-15:25
  • Lectures hall 1

PLATO, determine the material planets are made of!

  • Gabby Aitink-Kroes
  • Ing. Gabby Aitink-Kroes
  • SRON

PLATO or the PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations will search for planets around stars spread over half of the sky by searching for tiny dips in intensity (~0.01%) which would reveal a planet passing in front. An array of 26 (overlapping) wide field camera’s will perform long, high-precision observations of large pieces of the sky.
Before launch each camera needs to be fully qualified and characterized in a similar environment as “in flight”. SRON performs the  pre-flight Thermal and Vacuum (TV) testing for 1/3 of the cameras in a dedicated built test facility.