• 15:00-15:25
  • Lectures hall 3

A new dimension of laser drilling - Powerful USP lasers and innovative optics and process control enable micrometer drilling with aspect ratios of 1:40 and more.

  • B. Eng. Michael Prasser
  • GFH GmbH

Holes with high aspect ratios are still a challenge, especially for small hole diameters below 250 µm. Therefore, promising applications have not yet been realized. GFH GmbH, manufacturer of high precision laser processing machines from Deggendorf, now offers a solution for this. GFH GmbH has developed an innovative drilling process using high-power USP lasers that have recently become available and combines them with innovative drilling optics and a great deal of knowledge and experience in the production of precision boreholes in the micrometer range. And all of this is wear-free and a variety of materials can be processed.