• 13:30-13:55
  • Lectures hall 1

Ion Beam Facility: unveiling the power of Ion Beam Analysis and Ion Irradiation for industry advancements

  • Dr. Beata Tyburska-Pueschel

Many high end applications like EUV machine or Big Science equipment, require materials which can sustain harsh environment. The Ion Beam Facility (IBF) in Eindhoven offers companies a unique way to understand and test materials for high-end applications. Discover the IBF, the only Dutch accelerator lab specializing in Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) and ion irradiation. Explore practical applications through real-world case studies, including elemental analysis of fusion materials, photochromic effects, and DNA modification. See how IBF contributes to the development of cutting-edge technologies such as EUV mirrors. Get a glimpse of upcoming equipment for molten salt reactor material testing and in-operando IBA during electrolysis. Learn about the physics of IBA and its versatility as a proxy for neutron, proton, and gamma-ray irradiation, and what it can mean for your application.