• 14:00-14:25
  • Lectures hall 1

First time right The prediction of deformations in LPBF 3D printed parts using state of the art commercial software

  • Ir. Ing. Olaf van Buul
  • Fontys Engineering

Among various additive manufacturing (AM) techniques, Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) stands out as a leading technology, enabling the production of intricate metal parts layer by layer. However, LPBF is not without its challenges, with thermal deformations being a key concern. Fontys University of Applied Sciences has leveraged Siemens NX Additive Manufacturing for digital simulations to predict and address these thermal deformations in LPBF, thus enhancing precision and part quality. Importantly, ongoing developments and refinements in software and techniques emphasize the dynamic nature of this field, as software vendors continually strive to optimize LPBF technology for improved outcomes.