• 14:30-14:55
  • Lectures hall 3

High Purity Cleaning with the new batch cleaning system Silberhorn MWS

  • Sebastian Töpfl
  • Maschinenbau Silberhorn GmbH on behalf of Encoma BV

The latest high purity cleaning system from Maschinenbau Silberhorn GmbH is the MWS (Multi Washing System) cleaning machine. An industrial parts cleaning system able to clean parts with consistently high quality. This innovative system revolutionises water based parts cleaning in many different ways at once. The MWS single-chamber cleaning machine is available in one, two or three tanks and equipped with various innovative techniques (spray cleaning, pressure flood washing, scoop flood washing, ultrasonic cleaning, hot air drying, vacuum drying,etc.) for the highest cleanliness levels. The process is easy to program and the process can be followed via Siemens control panel.