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Discover these innovations during the Precision Fair

A world without precision technology is almost unimaginable. Precision technology will become even more important for industry in the coming years. This is due to increasing precision and far-reaching miniaturization. Discover all trends during the Precision Fair. We would like to highlight a number of innovations for you:

Monoa Wearable | Bestronics BV | Stand 572
New Nikon NEXIV VMZ-S serie | Measuretec BV | Stand 341
Multi-DOF technology measure up to six degrees of freedom | Heidenhain Nederland | Stand 146
Wind, energy, and hightech systems | Mecal High-tech / Systems | Stand 255
KUZUFLEX ultra clean metal hoses and fittings | KUZUFLEX | Stand 366
UCMSmartline – The modular solution for your precision cleaning task | Ecoclean en UCM | Stand 350
The smallest servo technology in the world | Eltrex Motion | Stand 175
Master controller FCT640 modular | Eltrex Motion | Stand 175

Monoa Wearable - Bestronics BV

We created a unique wearable that tracks your stress level all day, accompanied by a coaching platform/app where your stress data are analysed to see the impact of stress on your physical and mental health.

Nieuwe Nikon NEXIV VMZ-S serie | Measuretec BV

This offers the new NEXIV VMZ-S Series:

  • High Accuracy / High Speed / High Usability
  • Tolerance management at micro level.
  • High accuracy, high speed dimensional measurement with Nikon’s technology

For decades the NEXIV series has met the demands of rigorous quality control departments in numerous industrial fields around the world. The NEXIV VMZ-S series can be used to measure various samples in the expanding market of in-vehicle electronic components and semiconductors, as well as in precision machined and molded parts. Capable of high accuracy and high-speed measuring for ever-growing sophisticated demands, the series can also be used in a wide range of applications. Measuretec BV 3266833 2021914102343 original

Multi-DOF technology measure up to six degrees of freedom | Heidenhain Nederland

The Multi-DOF technology allows you to measure several degrees of freedom simultaneously. Standard encoders do not see all the effects such as: guideway errors and multiple dimensions of components. That's why HEIDENHAIN developed the Dplus technology. Now you can measure these effects and see them directly on the control. At first glance, a linear encoder looks like a standard encoder with a ruler and a scanning head. However there are two graduation tracks on the scale. These tracks let you measure in the primary direction pro perpendicularly. All graduation track features tracks have an integrated reference mark. This allows you to reference both tracks.HEIDENHAIN NEDERLAND 3262523 202199122517 Multidof

Wind, energy, and hightech systems | Mecal High-tech / Systems

MECAL provides a unique combination of competences needed to develop products from specification phase into series production. Within our ISO controlled product generation process MECAL manages and carries out the entire project from specification until hardware realization in house. MECAL is able to accelerate new product introduction with our extensive capabilities in the field of model based design and virtual prototyping. This enables first time right development and engineering of High Tech Systems mechatronics modules, precision machines and instrumentation. First time right reduces cost and shortens the time to market which is extremely important in today’s competitive markets. For hardware realization MECAL has established a network of preferred partners for manufacturing of parts and delivery of standardized components. We select our partners depending on their competencies and on the batch size which vary from one prototype to larger series production of products. Our products are assembled and qualified in house. The unique set of competencies as described above makes MECAL an ideal partner for the design and realization of your High Tech Systems.

Mecal High tech Systems 3263000 2021999942 MECAL cleanroom assembly

KUZUFLEX ultra clean metal hoses and fittings | KUZUFLEX

we produce the better alternative ultra clean metal hoses, end fittings and vacuum hoses, hybrid hoses all for ISO CLASS4 level for the semiconductor and vacuum applications, we are able to supply pre-mounted modules made in clean rooms.

 KUZUFLEX Metal Hoses and bellows High Purity Produ 3268080 202182414157 LogoYansima1

UCMSmartline – The modular solution for your precision cleaning task | Ecoclean en UCM

The UCMSmartLine is a modular, immersion-type ultrasonic system with up to nine wash and rinse stages. The versatile and well thought-out system concept offers numerous possibilities for solving individual cleaning tasks with the highest demands on component quality.

 UCM 3264562 2021720165654 ecoclean UCMSmartLine totale vorne links V2 sRGB

The smallest servo technology in the world | Eltrex Motion

The Platinum Twitter is the world’s smallest, most powerful servo drive and belongs to Elmo’s well-known Innovative Platinum Series. This Platinum Twitter delivers optimal servo performance, ultra-fast networking, increased processing power and a particularly rich feedback support.

Measuring just 35 x 30 x 15.3 mm, the Platinum Twitter servo drive is the world’s smallest servo technology that supports both the Functional Safety protocol and Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE)

The Platinum Series is designed to meet the evolving needs of OEM designers for smarter, smaller, faster servos, with greater functionality and ease of use. The Platinum drives are intended to help machine and robot manufacturers create better machines through both superior motion control and maximum safety.

Elmo Platinum Twitter servo drive qualifications:

  • The smallest and most powerful servo drive in the world
  • Up to 80A / 80V / 70A / 100V
  • Qualitative power up to 5500W
  • Ultra-fast EtherCAT networks
  • Functional safety standards IEC 61800-5-2 & FSoE

Eltrex Motion 3263238 2021628112711 Platinum Twitter web

Master controller FCT640 modular | Eltrex Motion

For industrial motion control, CMZ offers FCT640 programmable PLC controller: a new generation of modular, compact and high-performance controllers based on CODESYS 3.5 with integrated I/Os. The technological heart of the PLC controller is fully conceived and developed by CMZ.

FCT640 integrates motion control solutions into a single and compact technology controller. This controller is equipped with most fieldbuses used in the industry and integrated modular I/O unitis, both digital and analog.

The choice of the OPCUA communication protocol is the choice of a soon to  e implemented protocol. This is to efficiently and securely connect the system to the outside network by ensuring full connectivity to other devices, a particularly relevant feature for Industry 4.0. interoperability.

The power of the processor, the presence of Ethernet and CAN ports and serial ports, together with a total memory capacity of more than 1GB plus and SD card, complete the impressive technological equipment of the FCT640.Eltrex Motion 3263238 2021628112435 Master controller CMZ FCT640Visit the Precision Fair for free! Register your visit here.