Ir. Marco Wieland

MAPPER Lithography

MAPPER: hoge throughput maskerloze lithografie

Maarten Steinbuch

TU Eindhoven

High Tech Medical Robotics

Beniamino Di Girolamo


The High Luminosity LHC Project and its precision aspects

Kevin McGuffin

Mott Corporation on behalf of Teesing

Break Through Developments In Gas Filtration And Flow Control For The Semiconductor Industry

Marco Beijersbergen


cosine in Space

Jeroen Rotteveel

ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space BV

NCLE - de ontwikkeling, bouw en lancering van een radioastronomie instrument in een Nederlands-Chinese samenwerking

Dr. Jeannette Ridder-Numan

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Directorate Research & Science Policy

The National Science Agenda and Big Science

Ir. Ab Visscher

Thermofisher scientific

Speurtocht naar een sub-atomair trillingsprobleem (10 pm!) op een elektronen microscoop

Dr. Frans Wijnen

HFML-FELIX, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

HFML-FELIX a unique research facility on Dutch soil

Prof. Dr. H. Haitjema

KU Leuven

De rol van Precision Engineering en Dimensionele Metrologie bij de herdefiniëring van het SI stelsel

Hans Priem


Smart*Light: your synchrotron at home

Pieter Lerou PhD

DEMCON advanced mechatronics BV

Thermal management of a novel 3D Glass printer from QSIL

Dr. Ir. Paul Blom


Thermal control along the Product Life Cycle

Roel Arts

Thales Cryogenics BV

Synergies between tactical and designed-for-space cryocoolers

Ir. Michaël Hoonakker

Neways Technologies BV

Agile product development for machines electronics

Alex Vorobiev

RHEA Group

Concurrent Design and Engineering applied to space and non-space projects

Harm Hanekamp

Stemmer Imaging BV

Product kwaliteit op krasjes deukjes of toleranties met behulp van Machine Vision Deep Learning of 3D

Dr. Ing. Danilo Schmidt

attocube systems AG

Motion & Sensing: precise motion control for quality assurance and development

Harrie Knol

Veco BV

Advantages of Electroforming in the micro-manufacturing world

Jürgen Kemenas

SMD Production-Technology on behalf of TEVEL Techniek BV

Optical Quality inspection for small structures

Rick Gellen

MIFA Aluminium BV

Precisie extrusie van aluminium en magnesium

Peter Hinten

Agile productontwikkeling namens The House of Technology

Hightech-ontwikkeling van een “eenvoudige” soep-vending-machine

Max Groenendijk


Laser micro-milling and micro-texturing on curved surfaces using ultrashort pulse lasers

Wim Cuypers

GOM Branch Benelux

Productiecontrole met Optische Meettechnieken

Ir. Xavier Wolters

Ir. Xavier Wolters

Amplitude Systemes

Ultrafast lasers for advanced applications; High power femtosecond lasers, Spatial Light Modulation and transparent material processing

Samo Simonian

ATG Europe

Geavanceerde kosteneffectieve composiet architecturen voor hoogwaardige constructies binnen en buiten de ruimtevaart

Toine van Beugen

FARO Benelux BV

Laser Guided Templates and Augmented reality for Smarter production

Rob Koppes


Slimme logistieke bevoorradingssystemen

Derk Schneemann


The Art of Technology Transfer

Dr. Marijn van Veghel

Dr. Marijn van Veghel


SI: klaar voor de toekomst

Sebastian Sauer MSc

Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente

Micron precision assembly processes on a reconfigurable industrial platform

Bart van Bree

Bart van Bree

JPE - Experts in positioning

A small company in Big Science; Examples of recent JPE projects

Klaas van Duin

tbp electronics bv

smart production techniques

Ing. Jan Betten


Voorspelbare betrouwbaarheid (Predictable Reliability)

Pierre van Lamsweerde

Pierre van Lamsweerde


Creating Value from data

Maurizio Vannoni

European XFEL

New challenges and opportunities for high precision optics and mechanics at European XFEL

Ir. Marcel Kouters

NTS Systems Development

How to develop a clean high tech system

Ing. Willian Groenen

SpartnerS organisatieadvies

QRM - spelen met tijd

Ir. Ing. Auke Roelofsen

EKB Industriële Automatisering namens Total Support Group

“What a MES!” - een slim en overzichtelijk productieproces

Jorg Bos

Newport Spectra-Physics BV

Metrology in motion control by MKS Instruments

Sjors Hettinga MSc

Technolution BV

Een kosteneffectieve methode voor de nauwkeurige besturing van piëzo-actuatoren

Dr. Mike Soulby

Dr. Mike Soulby

Renishaw PLC

Absolute vs. incremental encoders, how to choose the right system

Matthieu Desjacques

STIL on behalf of Sentech, the sensor integrators

Chromatic Confocal sensors for non-destructive measurement and inspection in nanometric scales

Sepp De Maeyer


New Camera Assembly Processes: a Game Changer

Dr. Jeroen Koelemeij


Het grote nut van nieuwe SI eenheden: wat de tijd ons heeft geleerd

Remco den Breeje BASc


High precision mechatronics for laser satellite communication

Nick Maassen PDEng


3D-printed Heat Pipe Array for Fusion

Marcel Logger

Holland Innovative BV

A successful FMEA means to FOCUS

Dorien Lutgendorf

Holland Innovative BV

A successful FMEA means to FOCUS

Peter Grundschok

SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH on behalf of Te Lintelo Systems BV

Modern measurement and calibration systems ensure the precision for the fabrication of high-technology products

Frank Tüngerthal

Te Lintelo Systems

Optical technologies in micromachining, medical and automotive applications enabled by technology portfolio of JENOPTIK

Mehdi Daval

Fusion for Energy

The ITER project. Forthcoming Calls For Tender and partnership with the Industry for achieving technology transfer.

Klaus Schiffer

4JET microtech GmbH & Co. KG

Precision in laser processing of glass

Wim Steenbergen MSc MBA

Steenbergen Interim Management on behalf of Brainport Industries

The value and challenge of outsourcing Development & Life-Cycle Management

Ruud Hurkens

KMWE Precision

Next level 3D Printer, ready for customized mass production

Dr. Leonardo Biagioni

Fusion for Energy

Big Science in a Changing Business Context

Carmen Casteras

Fusion for Energy

The ITER project. Forthcoming Calls For Tender and partnership with the Industry for achieving technology transfer.

Dr. Ir. Bas Swinkels


Gravitational Waves: from first detection to next generation observatories

Dr. Ir. Joost Sallevelt

NTS Mecon

Suspension of cryogenic detectors at 50 mK.

Jeroen Smeltink


Continuous AM for production

Jan Verhasselt


Creating Value from data

Arno Sprengers

Foundation Knowledge Sharing Centre (KSC)

Connections - The harmony of working together. From design to feasible product.

Ir. Floris van Kempen


Design and test of an additive manufactured space telescope

John Stegeman


Machining and RGA Specifications of ASML

Hans Cools

Hans Cools


Machining and RGA Specifications of ASML

Henry van Haeff

Henry van Haeff


Machining and RGA Specifications of ASML

Didier Dalle

ESRF-The European Synchrotron

Main mechanical manufacturing tasks to build the future ESRF beamlines